Air Compressors

AVS Engineering offer durable, reliable, superior-performance, less maintenance and longer service life industrial and commercial air compressors for all types of work environments..
Oil Lubricated Air Compressor

Lubricated Air Compressors require oil to keep the production process running smoothly. It's reliable and efficient compressors that can be installed alongside a variety of air tools and accessories.

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Oil-Free Air Compressor

Oil free air compressor have been designed specifically for applications where clean, pure air is critical, resulting in high quality air for your end product.

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Booster Compressor

High pressure booster compressors are ideal for targeted high pressure applications. We offers a comprehensive range of boosters and complete systems for targeted high pressure applications.

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Oil Injected Screw Air Compressor

The oil injected screw air compressors are designed for heavy duty industrial use and prove their strength when running continuously. The compressors are equipped with IE3 high efficient main motors which guarantee a very economical operation.

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Air Dryer & Chiller

We have wide range Refrigerant Air Dryers, Medical Heat less & Desiccant Dryer, Water Chiller, After Cooler, Moisture Separator & Micro Filters, Automatic Drain Valve and Multi Brand Air Dryer & Chiller Services.

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Pipes & Fitting Systems

We also offering you PPR Pipes & Fitting Plumbing Systems for Air, Hot Water & Cold Water applications. We provide vertical & horizontal receiver tanks.

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